Expert Advice

Equipment Storage

Now that we have entered the month of December and experienced the first snowfall we wanted to share a few final tips to help better set you up for success with the return of Spring.

Storing all of your lawn maintenance and landscape equipment properly over the winter months can provide longer life to the machines and keep them operating at their best when they are needed. It is highly recommended to purchase a fuel stabilizer for all of your small engines (i.e lawn mowers, string trimmers etc.) to increase the chances of the equipment starting in the spring. You will want to store everything in its upright position, mowers on all four wheels, and in a dry location. 4-stroke engines should be receiving an oil change, and if you are currently using a fuel that contains ethanol, we recommend switching to a fuel that does not contain ethanol as it destroys any plastics and rubbers which can lead to costly repairs for your machinery (check with your fuel provider for ethanol content). Any debris present within blades or on the surfaces of the equipment should be whipped away and any batteries should be removed from their machines and stored in a frost-free location as well.

In order to provide the best care to our lawn, we must take care of the equipment we use as well so get those stored away and bring out those snow shovels! If you have any additional questions regarding winter storage for your equipment please feel free to reach out to our office any time.