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The Company

With a guiding philosophy of excellence, stewardship and quality we deliver long-lasting, beautiful lawns for our clients. We care about making you happy, creating healthy lawns in our communities and making greener choices for our environment. When your lawn is turned on, the benefits multiply!

Turf Systems is unique in providing both lawn care services and irrigation systems together – it’s a practical combination that homeowners appreciate because we handle the part of lawn care that can be most problematic. If you can keep your grass at a good length, we’ll make sure it’s healthy, green and weed-free, all season!

You’ll see the Turf Systems difference

We look at lawn care as a process of building and maintaining a balanced system, and we work with your lawn all season to achieve this. We use a custom-blended granular fertilizer, adjusted for the changes and needs throughout the season. We make sure your lawn always has the proper nutrients for optimal colour and health. A thick, healthy lawn is one that withstands weed proliferation and pest damage.

Our environmental approach is a company principal, but it’s also firmly rooted in the day-to-day procedures of every technician. Whether it’s through our Integrated Pest Management, wise water and energy use or responsible product use, Turf Systems’ team is dedicated to staying informed and making educated choices.

Want to join us?

We are a growing company and so we always have an interest in hearing from seasonal turf grass specialists, horticulturalists, snow removers, light equipment operators, office staff, and sales staff. If you're interested in an opportunity to work outdoors, grow healthy lawns and deliver exceptional service then be sure to visit our careers page. We’ll look forward to meeting the most suitable applicants.

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Our Mission

To grow the greenest, healthiest lawns on every street.

Our Vision

We see a long-lasting connection between healthy lawns, happy people and stronger communities.


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