An improvement project in your own neighbourhood


From the start, Turf Systems has always been about preserving and enhancing green spaces – in our community and around the world. Turf is a powerhouse in improving air quality, not to mention key in bringing people together outdoors. Who doesn’t love an expanse of soft, green grass!

Our newest initiative is a program to support community areas where better turf can make a difference. As of 2016, we will be giving back 10% of the total square footage we service annually with service directly for the community.

The fun part is that you can choose where you would like to see it happen! Just let us know your chosen area and if your neighbourhood collectively has the total square footage of serviced grounds, we’ll get onto improving the turf in that area. For example, a local park that your kids regularly play in needs better grass area, which in turn would increase your neighborhood’s air quality and enhance everyone’s time while at the park. If the park is 10,000 sq ft and your neighborhood has 100,000 sq ft of property being serviced, we would take on service for that local park!

Now, if you don’t have a project or specific green space, or enough participants to make it happen, that’s ok – we’ll also be picking local projects on an ongoing basis as part of our regular company mandate to give back to the community.

Some of the projects we’ve participated in to date

Memorial Grove Tree Plant

As part of Project Evergreen, we travelled to New York City’s Liberty Island after Hurricane Sandy destroyed what had been planted there, to help plant trees in a memorial grove honouring the victims of 9/11.

St. James Park Rebuild and Maintenance

Every year in April we help maintain the lawns at St. James Park in Toronto, after we partnered to rebuild the grounds there in 2011.

Green Up of Schools Participating in Clean Up Green Up Burlington

April 2017 we partnered with three schools alongside the students, in not only cleaning up the grounds of the schools, but provide some much needed nutrients to the very green that cleans our air and provides the oxygen our children need to breathe. If you include all the plants surrounding the three schools we participated with into the benefit equation, including the green turf areas of the parks, approximately 350m^3 of pure oxygen is produced every single day when the sun is shining and the plants within that park are actively growing, that is enough pure clean air for almost 600 people. These parks combined also absorb almost enough carbon to offset an average car travelling 86,000 km’s and probably one of the most fun facts is that the green grass the kids play on every day has the ability to do the same work as having 14,000 trees growing in those same areas. If you have a project or park in mind for next Earth Day that you believe is in need of greening up, please e-mail us at with a brief description why and how your project could benefit the community as a whole, and we will be more than happy to consider it.

Pingree Park Restoration - Project EverGreen

November 2017 the President of Turf Systems Inc., Alan White participated in Detroit’s Pingree Park Restoration Project with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and so many other volunteers as part of Project EverGreen (a national non-profit organization committed to creating a greener, cooler earth).

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Our Mission

To grow the greenest, healthiest lawns on every street.

Our Vision

We see a long-lasting connection between healthy lawns, happy people and stronger communities.