Last year our customer’s lawns produced…

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of clean air, towards our 5,000,000m3 goal!

That’s enough clean air to…

  • Person icon Person icon Person icon
    provide for 12,000 people
  • Car icon offset 1,730,000km of driving
  • Tree icon do the work of 285,000 trees

We are on a mission…

To nurture plants, people, community and the environment with greener, healthier lawns, one customer at a time.

Find out how much clean air your lawn is producing…


Why does this matter?

Healthier communities start with a green lawn.

Contributing to a healthier environment is easier than you think. Science tells us that healthy lawns are one of the most efficient producers of clean air. They produce oxygen and help filter harmful pollutants. Keeping your lawn healthy is simple, and we can help!

Customer Lawn
Ever since I switched to Turf my lawn finally started to thrive. They have a more holistic approach to lawn care, and have taught us that we can feel good about having the greenest lawn on the street because a healthy lawn is good for the environment.
— Marissa from Hamilton, ON

What can you do?


At Turf Systems, we are on a mission to help everyone create healthier communities, one green lawn at a time. Thousands are already doing it. Let us help you keep your lawn healthy with one of our care plans!

Find out how much clean air your lawn is producing…

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