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Fall vs. Winter Fertilizers

At Turf Systems, we utilize two different specialty turf fertilizers to ensure your grass is receiving the nutrients it requires to grow thick and lush all season long. As we approach this winter you will see a change in the fertilizer analysis we are applying and that is for good reason.

Throughout the late spring and into the cooler fall weather we utilize a higher quality slow-release granular fertilizer with a 32-0-6 nutrient analysis that contains a 2% iron component providing your lawn with the nutrients it requires over the longer periods of hot weather. Unlike our early spring and winter dormant applications, this fertilizer provides the lawn with an iron component that promotes better nutrient uptake within the plants systems improving the rich green colour our customers are looking for, and allowing the grass to better compete against invading weeds while still maintaining its overall health.

As we look ahead to late fall, right around the time we stop mowing our lawns and finish picking up the leaves before winter, we change the fertilizer analysis to a dormant application consisting of a 25-0-5 analysis with almost no slow release or iron. This application serves a very different purpose as it is actually part of our early spring “green-up” strategy of creating a healthier summer lawn. This fertilizer is applied very late in the season when soil temperatures are cool enough that the plant has stopped absorbing any nutrients. We then take advantage of the winter’s freeze-thaw pattern to ensure that by next spring the soil within the root zone of your lawn has the nutrients needed to achieve the desired healthy, dark green colour as the grass comes out of dormancy.

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