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Going Greener: Electric Mowers

When maintaining your landscape, a lot of effort goes into ensuring it is looking its best. There is a large variety of equipment out there that is available in our local stores & online, but how do you weigh your options? When considering lawn maintenance, one of the more rising popular items we have seen with some of our customers is the electric lawn mowers. These are a great substitution (and much greener option) than your typical gas mower. However, it is important to know what to look for when choosing one!

There are a few important factors to consider when looking at purchasing and maintaining an electric mower. First, you should evaluate how large your property is, and how long it typically takes you to mow your lawn. This will determine if a battery-powered mower is even feasible, given they have a certain capacity on how long they can operate before needing to be recharged or provided a second battery. It is also important to check to see that any mower you are considering will maintain a cutting height of 3”. When utilizing an electric mower, frequency in your cutting schedule is very important (minimum of every 5-7 days). The longer the lawn is, the more strain it puts on the electric mowers, which can decrease its life expectancy quite a bit, and lead to lower quality cuts being made. To keep the mower in good working condition, you will still want to ensure the blade gets sharpened 1-2x each year as well.

Our mission here at Turf Systems is greener lawns, healthier landscapes, and better environments. Switching to an electric mower will not only save you some hassle with certain maintenance (gas, oil, storage, etc.) but will also work towards a better environment and cleaner air! In fact, there are multiple angles towards approaching a better environment if electric mowers don’t suit your property. Using a good quality fertilizer with proper nutrients, and being efficient in water use goes a long way as well. Our lawn care & irrigation programs can assist with all of the above, plus extended education on continued maintenance practices.

Want to discover how much clean air your lawn has the ability to produce when maintained well? Visit our website and explore our clean air calculator! You would be surprised how much work your lawn actually does that our naked eye cannot see! Further questions about your landscape or what you can do to better maintain your property? Feel free to reach out to any of our team members in the field or the office at any time.