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How to Help Your Lawn Through Heat


Have you ever noticed the changes in the appearance of your lawn as the seasons’ transition here in Ontario? Our lawns are cool-season plants meaning they favor the spring and fall weather environments and can struggle to thrive throughout the hot and humid summer months if not cared for properly. As we start to approach more summer-like weather with higher humidity levels, we need to start thinking more about what our lawn requires to withstand the undesirable environment.

The best thing you can do for your lawn during these times is to ensure you are following the recommended watering and mowing strategies alongside a proper fertilizer schedule (you can examine these tips in more detail here). You want to work towards catering to the lawn’s favorable environmental factors and limit the number of stressors present to best support it through these upcoming hotter temperatures.

Over or under watering, cutting too short or not frequently enough will make the lawn more vulnerable to various warm-weather diseases as well as weeds. Some of these diseases that start to appear are known as summer patches, brown spots, drought stress, and dollar spot. These all have a specific correlation to how your lawn is being watered. Another helpful tip to see if your lawn is irrigated properly is watching the grass blades as you walk on them. If they do not spring back up it is time to adjust your watering schedule or your sprinkler coverage.

If you have any further inquiries on how to best support your lawn through the heat you can reach out to any of our team members whether you see them out in the field or in the office! We strive to teach and assist all of our clients with the best maintenance strategies to work towards our mission of greener lawns, healthier landscapes, and better environments together.