Expert Advice

Dog Spots


Many of us have a love for pets, especially our dogs. It is hard during the cold winter months to go for long walks with our best friend, so letting them out on the yard has always been the easy solution. Once the snow melts away, we often see yellow patches from dog urine. Urine actually has beneficial elements to the grass, but when it is concentrated in one area (just like applying too much fertilizer in one spot) it can burn the plant, possibly causing a green patch with unfortunately a dead spot in the middle.


Now, how do we fix these dog spots or weak areas from last year? Spring is the best time to tackle the problem with a little topdress and overseed. The best topdress mixture to use is a compost without manure mixed with seeds, to ensure optimal growth. Wait to do this after rainfall to neutralize the soil or flush the area well with a hose prior to seeding, which will promote the growth of new seeds. Don’t forget that fertilization and irrigation are also important factors in your lawns health and its resistance to factors such as dog urine.

Once you have treated the area and your pet is still urinating on that patch, try watering it down when you spot your dog in that area, to ensure it won’t be so concentrated and in turn will not damage the grass roots. The key is to be vigilant in order for the new seeds to grow.

Happy seeding!