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Renovation Ready!

Was anyone else happy to feel a break in the hot weather? We know your landscape sure does. As cool evenings and mornings transition into cooler days, it is time to start thinking about fall renovations!

Throughout the growing season, fall provides the most reliability on consistent cooler weather with a higher certainty for rain events over longer periods of time. Given our lawns are a cool season plant, their growth is most prominent at this time of year alongside the select cooler days in the spring. With new growth being most active, it makes for the most ideal time of year to perform renovations like seeding or aerating as the lawn is more tolerant and receptive to it. Fall should also be used to gear up your lawn for the next time it comes across an undesirable environment (i.e weed germination in the spring and heat of the summer). Strengthening and improving its ability to compete against physical and environmental stressors takes more time than you think!

An aeration will provide the lawn roots more room to expand its root systems resulting in a thicker lawn, reduce any compaction developed over summer activity, and allow the lawn better overall access to air, water, and nutrients that are applied. This additional service works in multiple ways to create a more desirable environment for the growth of your lawn vs any weeds, especially when combined with proper watering and cutting practices.

When it comes to introducing new growth to bare areas, the fall provides much easier watering conditions than any other time of year, as the seed will remain moist for a longer period of time before requiring another dose of water. It is also important to remember that when seeding, some topsoil is required alongside it to provide that seed to soil contact. Prefer to do seeding on your own? We offer our high-quality seed for sale/pickup in 2 lb bags that can be great for small seeding jobs and last long if stored correctly!

If you have any additional questions or concerns surrounding fall renovations or would like to book one of our additional services, feel free to contact our office anytime!