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Spring Tips & Aeration

Bring on that wonderful green grass!

It’s that exciting time of year when we’re just on the cusp of enjoying a world of green beauty again. If you’re itching to get out into your yard to start preparations, here’s a few tips to ensure all the right things are getting done.

First off, you’ll need to be patient for any heavy yard work until the soil dries out, to minimize compaction. A very light raking is fine, or use a leaf blower, for a quick once over to loosen any matted grass from the winter snow. Don’t worry about removing any of the brown debris at this point since it’s only organic matter and will decompose with warmer weather.

Weed and feed

Go ahead and pull any weeds that may be present from last year before they have a chance to flower and spread seeds. Overseed any bare spots in your lawn. For further info on overseeding, just check out our overseeding advice article.

Hold off on watering until late spring or early summer. Of course, the most efficient (and easiest!) way to give your lawn the right amount of water this season is with an irrigation system with a programmable control centre.

Get ready to mow

In preparation for a whole new season of lawn cutting, get your mower blades sharpened or replace with new ones. Sharp blades will cut more grass, but it also gives the blades a cleaner cut, preventing browning and promoting overall lawn health.

The benefits of aeration

If you find that soil compaction seems to be an issue on your lawn, consider aerating the area once the soil dries out a little. Aeration gives your lawn a great advantage by opening the root system, allowing for air, nutrients and moisture to flow optimally. More flow, more grow!

Some other benefits of aeration:

  • Gives turf grass stronger roots.
  • Reduces soil compaction.
  • Improves drought stress and heat tolerance.
  • Enhances breakdown of thatch.

Contact us today to book your spring aeration here! Enjoy your spring and the joys of growing your healthy, beautiful lawns and gardens!