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The Importance of Winterizing Outdoor Water Sources

Brrr, it sure is starting to get chilly! As we make our way out of September and feel the days get shorter and temperatures getting even cooler, we wanted to remind you that it is time to start thinking about planning the winterizing for your outdoor water sources. At first, you may think it is too early, however, if you need to contract out these services for things like pool or irrigation equipment then lots of planning is required to properly schedule these services within such a small time frame weather-wise, and the more prepared you are, the better.

For those who have had their hoses hooked up outside for manual watering throughout the year, you are going to want to drain the water left sitting in the hose followed by bringing them either indoors or to somewhere dry for the winter. You will also want to blow out the water remaining in any taps that may be remote to your house that are exposed to the outdoors. This involves shutting your outside water off and ensuring that any excess water has been removed. By following these steps you will avoid any damage from occurring if leftover water were to freeze causing a possible leak in the spring and damaged pipe or hose to be fixed.

If you happen to have an automatic irrigation system installed on your property, it is extremely important to have these professionally winterized. This will avoid any possible risk of damage that could occur during the winter freeze from water allowed to remain unnoticed in the many underground components of such a system. It is a key step to have the water professional blown out of every line with a high CFM compressed air system, as well as do a once over of the system to ensure everything is working accordingly and prepare any needed service for the spring opening.

If you have any additional questions about the importance of professionally winterizing your outdoor water sources, or are interested in booking an irrigation closing with us, please feel free to reach out to our office.