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Weed Control In The Heat


Our mission here at Turf Systems is to work with as many of our clients as possible towards growing and maintaining greener lawns, healthier landscapes, and better environments. As we make our way into July continuing through the dry heat it is becoming more and more noticeable that our lawns do not do as well in this weather. Our field technicians are still reporting very dry conditions and some lawns going fully dormant to protect themselves from the heat (as shown in the left photo above). During this fragile time of year, our lawns become more susceptible to weed and disease invasions. The summer months are also some of the most desired months to have the best looking lawn on your street creating an urgency to request heavy targeting of any weeds that may be present at this time of the year.

Many of you will be familiar with our weed control product known as ‘Fiesta’ found within our GrowPLUS and GrowMAX programs. This is an iron based product that works through broadleaf contact, where the iron toxicity impacts the leaves of the weeds causing them to turn black usually within 24-48 hours. It is this impact on the plant that starves the weed of its ability to now photosynthesize for a couple of weeks while it tries to re-establish its damaged leaves. It is also a weather dependent product meaning that above temperatures that feel like 32 degrees it cannot be applied. In cooler weather conditions that allow for the application, the product will pool on broadleaf areas allowing the burn, and run down any sort of vertical leaf surface leaving no damage (such as the grass blades surrounding any weeds). When the temperatures rise, this product becomes far more likely to ‘stick’ to the vertical leaf surfaces resulting in dark brown or black damage to the surrounding lawn (as shown in the photos above). The good news is that if this does occur, the green color will return with time as it grows out.

The most important thing we can do for our lawns at this time of year is to continue the support via proper maintenance practices as usual. Watering deeply & infrequently twice a week for 1-1.5 hours each time and mowing frequently every 5-7 days no shorter than 3 inches. Any of the weeds currently present in your lawn will be best controlled and targeted in the fall when the cooler weather arrives.

If you have any questions pertaining to the current state of your lawn or how best to manage it through the heat please feel free to reach out to any of our team members in the field or in the office!