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Why are some weeds harder to control than others?

Our mission here at Turf Systems is to work with as many of our clients as possible towards growing and maintaining greener lawns, healthier landscapes, and better environments. Even though our custom blended fertilizer combined with proper cultural practises makes up for 80% of weed control, there is always the possibility that some of the more difficult weeds will remain. This is where our Fiesta ™ weed control applications can make a difference in our GrowPLUS & GrowMAX programs. They offer an additional management towards those remaining weeds by weakening their ability to grow, and impacting the plant leaves that produce the energy the weed needs to compete against your lawn. In turn it provides your lawn the advantage in its natural attempt to out compete those problem areas.

So how does Fiesta ™ work? It starts with an iron based product that works through leaf contact, where the iron toxicity of the product impacts the leaves of the weed causing them to turn black usually within about 24-48 hours. It is this impact on the plant that starves the weed of its ability to now photosynthesize for a couple of weeks while it tries to re-establish its damaged leaves. It is also worth sharing that not all weeds are created equal, and some are better than others at defending against the product’s ability to be absorbed through its leaves, particularly during periods of hot dry weather. It is these more difficult to control weeds like clover and creeping charlie that we try to focus on during our early summer and fall applications when the weeds defenses are more susceptible to the Fiesta application. For best results in addition to maintaining a 3” mowing height, we also recommend giving these spot treated areas at least 1 hour to dry post application before any activity resumes on the lawn. This will reduce the chances of staining if post contact were to occur. We also recommend not to water your lawn for 24 hours after these applications, however any rain in the forecast is okay as the plant behaves differently before and after a given rainfall.