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Winterizing Your Lawn: Essential Steps

As we find ourselves well into the autumn season, with winter dormancy approaching, it’s vital to consider a series of crucial lawn care steps. These measures will not only ensure the health of your lawn during the winter but also set the stage for a thriving lawn come the following spring.

With trees shedding their leaves and outdoor activities winding down, gardens and outdoor water sources being winterized, it’s imperative to remove any debris or stray toys from your lawn. Neglecting this task may result in weak and vulnerable areas that lack oxygen, sunlight, and proper moisture. Maintaining a frequent mowing schedule, with a minimum grass height of 3 inches, is equally important. Avoid the temptation to cut shorter as this can cause the lawn to go into shock preventing it from storing necessary reserves for winter and slows its growth that may be imperative to filling in any uneven or patchy spots discovered this fall.

On the topic of overall lawn health, consider opting for a Fall Core Aeration! Undergoing a Core Aeration can provide a multitude of extensive advantages. It doesn’t just deal with the breakdown of the thatch layer; it also nurtures the expansion of your lawn’s root systems, promoting a denser turf. It counters soil compaction that can arise from summer and fall activities enriches soil structure, enhances root growth, and facilitates more efficient absorption of nutrients and water – all of which are crucial for maintaining a vibrant and thriving lawn.

Given the consistently cooler temperatures, it’s an ideal time to reduce your watering, as more rainfall and reduced evaporation are expected. Keep in mind that any seeding you undertake now may not fully germinate until spring. So, while it’s acceptable to seed in late October, be prepared to nurture further germination in the following growing season.

Another critical element for your lawn during late fall is the application of a dormant winter fertilizer. Applied in November, this fertilizer leverages the winter freeze and thaw cycles to release nutrients in early spring when the soil thaws. This strategic approach provides your lawn with a strong head start in the new season, enabling it to outcompete any weeds attempting to grow in. If you are currently on a lawn care program with us, you will be receiving this application in the future (unless otherwise discussed with our office). If you are not currently on a lawn care program with us and are interested in an estimate, reach out to our office anytime. It is never too late to begin a proper fertilizer schedule for your lawn, in fact - this time of year is ideal as we start to be proactive for the following spring.

If you have further questions about preparing your lawn for the dormant winter season, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office anytime. Stay tuned for an upcoming e-blast about equipment storage to ensure your lawn tools are ready for the upcoming season.