Expert Advice

Your Lawn's Trip Into Dormancy

As we continue to get further into the month of November and approach the beginning of winter, we wanted to inform you of a few things that your lawn is currently experiencing!

As the temperatures continue to drop, our lawns begin their trip into dormancy and start storing their carbohydrate food reserves in their root system for the winter. It will be extremely important to continue to keep the leaves off your lawn at this time of year, otherwise, the covered areas that do not have access to direct sunlight will be unable to store these reserves. Another key component for your lawn to receive throughout November is its dormant winter fertilizer application! If you are currently on a lawn care program with us, you will be receiving one of these over the next month. This application is designed to be applied to a lawn entering dormancy, and it gets utilized over the winter freeze and thaw cycle, making its way into the soil profile. Come the warmer weather in the returning spring, the fertilizer becomes readily available to the lawn to kickstart its growth.

If you are not currently on a lawn care program with us, or know someone interested or thinking about it for next year, this dormant application is the perfect one (and preferred one) to start with to set your lawn up for success the following year. For more information about our dormant applications, or how to best prepare your lawn for the future growing season, feel free to call our office anytime!