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Caterpillar's Forecasting Winter Weather?

As we begin to enter the mindset of approaching another winter season, we wanted to share a fun forcaster with you that involves the famous woolly bear caterpillars and the upcoming winter ahead!

Some of you may be familiar with the photo above of the classic black and orange caterpillar that is seen from time to time during the fall as the leaves start to fall. This species of caterpillar is also known as a woolly worm and can be seen feeding on leaves, dandelions, or other greenery within its reach as it preps for winter dormancy. The generation that we begin to see around in September have also been referred to as “weather prophets” as the thickness of their orange band can be a foreteller of how mild vs severe the upcoming winter may be. If the orange band is large, a more mild winter is expected. If the orange band is small, a more severe winter is expected.

So how does this align with what we have heard from the Weather Network and Environment Canada with regards to the 2022 winter outlook? Maybe more than we think! Our team has observed for the first time in a long time, a few fully black woolly bear caterpillars (as seen in the photo below) suggesting that the upcoming winter season may be more in alignment with what many are suggesting, with more significant weather events on tap for many here in Ontario.

That being said, ensure you tune into other blog posts as we share more ways on how best to prepare your lawn for its dormancy and provide it with the tools it needs to return healthy and strong next spring. If you have any questions or concerns as we begin to approach cooler months please feel free to reach out to our team.