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Coming Out of Dormancy

As the weather slowly starts to cool and we receive more precipitation, our lawns will start to come out of dormancy. So how do we help our lawns bounce back?

First and foremost, we have to keep feeding our lawn the nutrients it needs to stay healthy to ensure it greens up as quickly as possible. If you do not currently use our lawn care services and want to have your lawn fertilized, beginning of the fall is the best time of year to start doing this, followed by an aeration. Get started by recieving an estiamte here today!

Aerating the soil will allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate deeper, which produces deeper roots. Aeration also helps break up thatch buildup, which prevents water and nutrients from reaching the root system when thatch is over 2cm.

Mowing at least 2.5” – 3” high is still very important to the plants health. The plant produces all of its energy from the sun by way of the blades, so if too short, they won’t produce enough sugars to grow rich and green.

When your lawn comes out of dormancy, you will be able to see problem areas that need extra care immediately, to ensure you have a beautiful lawn in the spring, with no bald spots. Topdressing and overseeding is the best method for small problem areas. Early fall is an ideal time to do this, as the seedlings have time to germinate and grow before winter comes around.

September is also the time you want to pull out any weeds as they grow (with roots), to make sure they don’t spread seeds that will germinate in the spring.

Lastly, keep watering deeply! If you have an irrigation system, you can adjust your controller back to 100% after Labour Day, once average day time temperatures return to normal. There is a perception that we do not need to water our lawns in the fall because it rains more often, but the roots still need to receive ¾” - 1” of water per week to maintain a green color and active growth, so rain alone may not be enough. If you would like our team to take care of the adjusting - visit our serivces page here to gather an estimate.

If you have any questions or need any help, we’re just a phone call away!