Expert Advice

Cool Weather & Green Lawns

Well, that was quite a week of weather we experienced! With hopes that that was the last snowfall of the season, we wanted to share with you some further relevant thoughts as we continue our way through the wet spring season here in Ontario.

As mentioned in one of our earlier blogs surrounding spring clean-up and renovations, as you begin to plan out any areas you may want to overseed it is important to recall what a seed needs to successfully germinate. Warm soil temperatures with soil contact, water on a consistent basis for a 2-week period, and direct sunlight. That being said, any seed laid at this time of year will not successfully germinate until we reach some warmer soil temperatures (typically towards the end of May). You may also run into patches of grass you may think you need to reseed when it may just be a different variety of grass that requires warmer temperatures to green up. If you are considering renovations at some point and are willing to wait, we always suggest the Fall season to avoid extreme changes in weather conditions and the existing lawn will be in a better position to withstand stress and promote further growth.

Another common discussion point that arises at this time of year is how will this spring weather affect lawn maintenance? Light rain or light snow coverage will not affect spring fertilizer or the green-up process. If you have any questions pertaining to the weather or whether or not your lawn requires renovation please feel free to reach out to our office.