Expert Advice

Early Bulb Growth

Worried about your bulbs?

It is very common for premature sprouting of bulbs to occur, when we get a few days of very warm weather towards the end of winter season. It is sometimes nerve wrecking to see, especially when we get hit with an ice storm or snow a few days later. It takes time and energy to plant seeds in the fall and seeing them bloom in the spring is very rewarding.

In most cases, there is no need to worry about early bulb growth because the short periods of cold weather will not have an adverse effect on the blooming of flowers. If bulbs can survive in the forest where no one looks after them during the same weather, they can survive in your yard as well. The only time when it is wise to take precaution, is if the bulbs produce flower buds, although rare, it can still happen. To protect these sprouting flower buds from frost, you may cover them with some straw or dry leaves until the warmer weather returns.

Weather is a factor in life that is out of our control, so the best we can do is help our plants in extreme circumstances, but, they are accustomed to various forms of weather and react to the environment around them. If the blubs do get damaged, they may still produce flower buds later in the season, if not, this will not effect the flowers for next season so your hard work wasn’t for nothing.