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Spring Mowing Tips


With temperatures continuing to rise and as we experience longer days of sunshine the grass is well on its way with continual growth. We wanted to share a few extra mowing tips as the early maintenance season begins!

Ensure that any oil or gas you add to your lawnmower at the start of the season is done off of your lawn. If spillage was to occur it can harm growth in those areas going forward. Another important part of ensuring a healthy lawn is that your mower blades are sharp. If these were not sharpened at the end of last season we recommend getting that done prior to your first cut. Dull mower blades can cause ripping and tearing to the crowns of the plant resulting in quite a bit of unwanted damage and stress to the lawn. You will also want to check your blade height and confirm it is set no lower than 3 inches. Ensuring this height even in the early part of the season when the lawn is actively starting to grow, will provide adequate shade to the soil surface creating a less desirable environment for weed and crabgrass germination.

When considering the day of your first mow, please keep in mind the best time of day to cut your lawn is earlier in the day. This will avoid any chance of the lawn still having open cuts on the tips of the grass prior to the sun setting to help avoid any disease potential during the dark overnight hours.

While you are performing your first cut, you will also want to be on the lookout for any uneven areas where your mower may cut shorter than expected, especially if you are taking care of a larger property using a riding mower. Scalping the grass at any raised sections or edges of your lawn can result in shock to the plant, unwanted brown patches, and a higher risk of again, weed or crabgrass germination going forward. If you notice any weeds along the edges of your lawn at this time of year it is best to dig them up and cover them with a light amount of soil. Following these standard mowing practices will assist your lawn in combating any competition with weeds during this year’s growing season, especially crabgrass.

If you would like to learn more about our recommendations going through Spring with your lawn you can visit our website below or contact our team.