Expert Advice

Spring Renovations

As the weather continues to warm and our lawns begin to make their trip out of dormancy it is time to start thinking about spring aerations and any bare spot repairs!

During the lawn’s recovery period, it is important to allow air flow into the soil and crowns of the turfgrass while being patient as the color begins to return to your lawn. In order to achieve a healthy lawn in addition to the three macros of proper nutrients, water, and mowing height it is also important to ensure there is proper root growth and development occurring to aid in better resilience and strength. Having a spring aeration will help promote this root development by reducing compaction as well as encouraging the breakdown of thatch (the thin layer of debris that sits between the surface of the lawn and the soil).

It is also common to begin examining areas that you may want to topdress and overseed. This is typically a renovation we recommend for any large bare areas where grass needs to be reintroduced. It is important to give the lawn some time to complete its recovery before rushing to overseed as the kickstart of growth will likely be able to fill in any small areas with new growth. When deciding when to overseed, keep in mind the new seeds will require warm weather and direct sunlight to be able to germinate. This typically falls around the middle of May. That being said, you are more than ok to have the seed laid prior to then but be mindful you will not see any growth until the soil temperatures rise.

If you have any questions surrounding what renovations may be best for your lawn or would like to book any of the above-mentioned services please feel free to reach out to our office or inquire for a quote here!