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Winter Dormancy

‘Dormancy’ is a term used to describe the period when turfgrass goes into hibernation to protect itself from seasonal elements. During winter dormancy, lawns turn a yellow or brown colour, generating a common concern for homeowners on how to green up their lawns as soon as possible. The first thing you can do to assist your lawn with coming out of dormancy is to minimize all traffic. It is recommended to remove all objects from your lawn and prohibit any nonessential activity. Also, do not forget to remove any home-made ice rinks that you may have had on your property over the winter to avoid any significant damage from the tarp covering the lawn as it starts to warm up.

Now, once your lawn dries out after a few consecutive sunny warm days, you can then begin to get out and enjoy your lawn. The first activity should start with providing your matted down lawn with a light raking or fluffing with a leaf blower. This is an effective way to remove winter debris and allow air back to pass through the thatch and into the root zone. Now while the thatch layer helps protect the grass crowns and roots against cold, wind or extremes of winter and summer, too much thatch or matted thatch can cut off air and light due to their fine texture, dense growth or both. Spring raking should be cosmetic; focusing on removal of excessive piles of leaves that compact and cut off water and light.

When recovering from winter dormancy, it is vital to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs. Turf System’s Spring Lawn Care Application is a high quality slow-release custom-blended granular fertilizer designed to encourage turfgrass growth. Growth that begins early in the season allows for the turfgrass to essentially outgrow the various forms of damage that may have occurred over winter.

The most beneficial task you can do for your lawn is to take inventory of any areas that would benefit from extra attention. Take notes and inform us of any problem areas you would like to focus on this upcoming season. Our experts can customize a plan tailored to your lawn’s unique characteristics. Our extensive knowledge allows for adaptability when adjusting for seasonal variability, soil types, and weather patterns.