Grow Max

Lawn Care Program

Starting at $270/year

When you want to be certain that your lawn is operating at peak performance, the Grow Max program will deliver optimal grass health, all season long.

With the addition of our weed control service, using approved products and application methods, we ensure that it's only the grass that growing thick and strong. Lawns are also monitored and managed to minimize the damaging effects of grubs.

What’s included:

7 Visits With each and every visit, Turf Systems technicians work in accordance with the IPM Council of Canada’s approach, focusing on balanced fertility, continuous evaluation and keeping insect and weed populations from reaching damaging levels.
Fertilizations Our custom-blended fertilizer (applied 5x/year) promotes a healthy root system and new shoot growth. The slow-release product we use ensures maximum nutrients and a no-burn green. An application is also done at the beginning of winter to promote hardiness and prepare lawns for a speedy recovery in the spring.
Lawn Analyses Regular monitoring of your lawn is an important tool in managing its overall health. With every visit, our technician will thoroughly assess your lawn and any treatments we've done. A report with recommendations is left with you and we're always happy to discuss our findings if needed.
Weed Control Applications For weed control we use Fiesta™, a performance-proven product that is low risk, and family and pets can use the lawn within hours. We take great care to apply only as required, with the exact amounts needed and at the most effective time possible. Weed growth is monitored throughout the season and spot control is done as needed.
Grub Management Damage due to grub populations is minimized by keeping your lawn thick and healthy with our nutrient program. In most cases, a lawn with proper root growth and turf density can withstand some grub feeding. If however the insect threshold exceeds a level the grass is able to handle, we reduce the population using nematodes in the late summer.

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