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Starting at $330/year

Healthy lawns are a great benefit to our environment and when you’ve achieved a lush, green lawn using only natural products, it’s all the more gratifying.

Turf Systems practices are in keeping with the principles of environmental sustainability: erring on the side of the least harmful methods; prevention is preferable to treatment; and a little more elbow grease often does the trick. With our Organic Care program we use 100% organic fertilizers, soil is aerated in the spring or fall to reduce thin areas by promoting proper root growth. We then closely monitor your lawn throughout the season so that any potential issues can be dealt with before they’re a problem.

What’s included:

6 Visits With each and every visit, Turf systems focuses on balanced fertility, monitoring pest population and cultural activities to ensure your lawn maintains healthy growth.
Fertilizations Our customized fertility program (5x/year) promotes a healthy root system and new shoot growth. Our 100% organic fertilizer ensures maximum nutrients for the grass as well as a healthy effect on the surrounding soil. An application is also done at the beginning of winter to promote hardiness and prepare lawns for a speedy recovery in the spring.
Lawn Analyses Regular monitoring of your lawn is an important tool in managing its overall health. With every visit, our technician will thoroughly assess your lawn and any treatments we've done. A report with recommendations is left with you and we're always happy to discuss our findings if needed.
Aeration Aeration opens up the soil allowing for better water, oxygen and nutrient flow. Small plugs of soil and thatch are pulled up which later break down into beneficial organic matter for your soil. Depending on the weather, aeration may be scheduled in the spring or fall.

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