Expert Advice

Newly Sodded Lawns

Important Instructions

If your lawn has just been sodded, this is a crucial time to follow some important rules in order to establish a thick, deep-rooted and more drought and pest resistant lawn for the future.

  • The most important thing to do is water frequently, deeply and stay off the lawn!
  • Water every morning and night for the first two weeks in order to prevent the sod from drying out and to create a moist environment for the sod to start its growth process. Water for at least 1 hour in each area during this time.
  • Limit traffic on the lawn to reduce a “bumpy feeling” later. The soil underneath will be very soft during this time.
  • Cut back water after 1-2 weeks to once a day for at least 1 hour in each area.
  • After 2 weeks cut back watering to every second day but increase the quantity to 1.5-2 hours in each area.
  • Cut the lawn on your highest mower setting for the first few mowings and try to let the lawn dry out for a day or two before mowing to reduce “impressions” in the soil from the weight of the lawn mower and foot traffic.
  • Continue proper watering and mowing as outlined in the procedures for an established lawn above.
  • Begin fertilizing with Turf Systems specially formulated fertilizer for new lawns after one month!