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The Importance of Fall Maintenance

Now that we are well into the fall season and with winter dormancy just around the corner, it is important to remember that there are a few critical steps in your continued lawn maintenance that are crucial to your lawn’s overall winter health and a successful return next spring.

As trees begin to drop their leaves, and outdoor activities begin to wrap up, followed by gardens and outdoor water sources being winterized it is important to ensure any debris or toys left on the lawn are removed to avoid creating weak and vulnerable spots on the lawn that may not be receiving as much oxygen, sun, or water as the rest. You will also want to ensure that your mowing schedule remains frequent (every 5-7 days) and that you are cutting no shorter than 3 inches. Avoiding the urge to cut shorter will prevent your lawn from going into shock at such a vital time where it will begin to store the food reserves it needs for the winter as well as encourage the filling in of uneven or slightly patchy areas.

Now that we have entered into a time of year with consistently cool temperatures it allows us to reduce the amount of required watering as we continue to experience more frequent rainfall and less evaporation. It is also important to note that any seeding you may have had planned and not yet gotten to, should now wait until the return of warmer spring temperatures as seed needs a minimum of 10-12 days to successfully germinate, which we no longer have access to.

Another important tool to equip your lawn with towards the end of fall is a dormant winter fertilizer. Our dormant applications are applied in November and are utilized by the winter freeze and thaw cycle as they release the components of their nutrients in the early spring as the soil begins to thaw, and the lawn searches for the much-needed nutrients to begin its growth. This will allow it to have a strong headstart in the new season and have a better chance of out competing with any weeds seeking growth at the same time of year.

If you have any further questions as we continue to approach the dormant winter season and how best to prepare your lawn, feel free to reach out to our office anytime.