Expert Advice

Year End Checklist

As we close out another great year of maintaining our landscapes, we wanted to share a ‘year end checklist’ with you so you can ensure you have completed everything there is to prep your properties for the winter season ahead!

  • Apply dormant winter fertilizer to the lawn
  • Maintained a cutting height of 3 inches
  • Stored equipment in a dry place with fuel stabilizers
  • All blades & trimmers received sharpening
  • Any new late-fall plantings have been heavily watered at least once
  • Outdoor water sources have been shut off and drained
  • Irrigation system has been winterized
  • Fall leaves & debrief have been removed from the lawn
  • Gardens cleaned and perennials have been cut back

Have you got all the boxes checked? If so, great job! If you have any outstanding questions regarding your lawns condition as it entered dormancy, feel free to call our office anytime.